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The Charcuterie Happiness pack. For those who like their tapas feast a little more meaty.

This is all you need ! - a box of weekend happiness  

Cheese, crackers, mettwurst & salami, prosciutto, bresaola, pastrami and a beautiful chutney. 

A. 2 Tilba Cheeses portions of your choice.

Choose two from any of the following delicious creamy options between

  1. Bredbo Black Garlic 
  2. Super Blue
  3. Vintage Blue 
  4. Firecracker 
  5. Premium Vintage
  6. Tasty!
  7. Vintage Smoked 
  8. Kalamata Olive


B. A delicious 200g chutney to enhance your platter (GF)

Choose one from any of the following Josh and Sue range

  1. Spicy Mango
  2. Caramalised Onion Jam
  3. Chilli Jam
  4. Ploughman's pickle cider
  5. Beetroot relish with a hint of Maple 
  6. Old Fashioned Tomato Relish
  7. Spicy Corn
  8. Smokey BBQ
  9. Hot Bourbon BBQ


C. Two Butch 250g Salami or Mettwurst or Pepperoni (GF, DF)

Choose from any 2 of the following amazing cured meats.

  1. Hungarian Csabai
  2. Plain Mettwurst
  3. Garlic Mettwurst
  4. Garlic and Red Wine Salami
  5. Hungarian Csabai Salami
  6. Pesto and MInt Salami
  7. Mild Pepperoni
  8. Hot Pepperoni
  9. Burner (the hotest pepperoni)


D. Roza's Gourmet Vegan, Gluten and Dairy Free, Crackers

Choose a packet to bring your feast together from the 4 choices of

    1. Love Crackers - Beetroot
    2. Green Crackers - Spinach and Sesame
    3. Naked Crackers - Chai & Linseed
    4. Fire Crackers - Chilli & Sea Salt


E. Poachers Pantry Fine Fare Smokehouse 70g

Smoked Prosciutto Choose from

1. Kangaroo
2. Classic Pork


F. Smoked Pastrami 70g

G. Smoked Bresaola 70g

H. 80g Packet of Piggy Tails from Knights Riverina in Wagga Wagga!


Just list the number against the letter in the notes section of your online order so we know what to select for your Charcuterie Happiness Pack.

You know we have good taste.....so if you don't want to choose we can do that for you!


Love the look of this pack but just want to swap out a few items and add some others in. No problem. Just pop your request in the notes if there is a discrepancy in the cost of the hamper we will reimburse you or send you another invoice for the difference. EASY!

Individual items may be substituted according to seasonal availability.


All perishable gift hampers/packs can be collected at our Food Boutique in Fyshwick.

As part of our contact-less service - we can place the item in the rear seats of your car or boot if you text us on 0414 729 370 when you are waiting in the car park.

The option to select "Pick Up" during the payment process of your online order will ensure you are not charged freight by Urban Providore.


Need some wine to bring more happiness?

Head over and add a Wine to your order

We stock Lake George Winery and Gundog Estate Winery, both magnificent and award winning Canberra District wines. If you are over 18 and can demonstrate this  (drivers licence) when you collect your order we can include a wine in your hamper. For all online delivered orders we require a letter from your mother. ....

Is this a Gift?

Why not add a unique Seed Gift card? Pop your message in the notes and we will write to your recipient for you.


This pack is not suitable to be sent interstate  

This pack is only suitable for recipients living in the Canberra Metropolitan area  

Please be sure to order by Thursday if you wish to enjoy your board on the weekend.


We have found a solution for DELIVERIES in Canberra!

We recommend Sherpa for any deliveries you wish to have in the Canberra area This easy to use platform will allow you to place the delivery order and track the parcel to your recipient or to your home. Prices are reasonable given it is a one hour delivery (Inner South about $20, ACT Northern Boundary ($50). Collection from Urban Providore must be booked for between 12-1. Please indicate in the notes of your online order that you are organizing a pick up and for which day you have booked for collection.

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