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Feeding Canberra

The perfect kit for your pantry - ensure no one wants to come near you while you retain social distance.

You can walk the streets knowing no one will come within your 1.5 metre personal space.

Eat with abandon !!

And of course the Garlic's natural antibacterial and antiviral characteristic will only help to protect you from the Coronavirus. While Urban Providore does not claim this pack will cure you or protect you, it can't hurt!

In your pack you get to enjoy 7 fantastic Australian made products from our range:

A. Choose one of the Black Garlic extreme products.

1. Black Garlic Butter 


Enjoy your Mr Pye Black Garlic butter on everything. Do try a spoonful with your mushrooms, do dollop some on a steak as it rests, be sure to try some on buttered popcorn, stir through pasta (home made if you can) and make mashed potatoes unforgettable.

Black Garlic Bulbs are ready for a cheese platter or to cook the many recipes from Bredbo. Check out the Recipes here.


B. Choose from Butch's Garlicky Mettwurst or Salami

1. Garlic Mettwurst
2. Garlic and Red Wine Salami

Slice that Garlic Mettwurst onto a plate and nibble while you cook to keep your energy high! or keep it for the main event tapas with a favourite glass of wine. Don't be shy to try frying the mettwurst for breakfast and eggs or to add some interest to your stew.

When you enjoy the more mellow Garlic and Red Wine Danish Salami you will enjoy a more rounded flavor and a clear compliment to a charcuterie platter with red wine.


C. Try one of Mr Pye's Black Garlic products

  1. Honey 
  2. Caramalised Onion Paste

Enjoy your Black Garlic honey drizzled over your breakfast, or in a rich cup of coffee. Try adding some of this honey across your cheese platters.

Get your cheese platter singing with Mr Pye's Black Garlic Caramelized Onion Paste.  Of course it wouldn't hurt on your home made hamburger or even in a pastrami bagel!


D. Choose between two of our favourite Jerky packs :

  1. Just Jerky Original Garlic & Pepper 50g X2
  2. Jono's Jerky Garlic & Rosemary 100g

Let Just Jerky or Jono's Jerky offer you the energy you need to sustain a netflix binge with their delicious Garlicky jerky.


E. Kick Your Garlic Level Higher with either

  1. Mr Pyes Black Garlic Caramalised Balsamic
  2. Mr Pyes Black Garlic Worcestershire Sauce

Rich and complex Mr Pye's Black Garlic Caramalised Balsamic Vinegar! We are talking about a balsamic vinegar that has been caramelized. That means more sweet heavenly taste on top of the umami depth of the black garlic. This has to go on everything; icecream, in your olive oil to dip crusty bread, over your resting roast meat, on top of a green salad.........

Employ the Worcestershire sauce in your soups and stews this winter and watch the flavor leap out of the bowl.


 F. Old Bones Smoked Garlic Chilli Sauce 100ml

Enjoy this handmade, and hand bottled sauce to heat up your life! Pour over an interesting rice dish and make the dish sing. Add to scrambled eggs. Mash with your Avo before hitting the toast. Drizzle a little over your chicken wrap!

G. Finally choose between Mr Pyes 250ml sauce's

  1. Honey Wattle Smoked Garlic BBQ Sauce
  2. Tomato Black Garlic Sauce

Love the look of this pack but just want to swap out a few items and add some others in? No problem. Just pop your request in the notes, if there is a discrepancy in the cost of the hamper we will reimburse you or send you another invoice for the difference. EASY!


Do take a look at our Essential Grocery Items you may need smoked salmon or Bacon Jam with your order? And dont overlook Chocolate !


Need some wine to bring more happiness?

Head over and add a Wine to your order

We stock Lake George Winery and Gundog Estate Winery, both magnificent and award winning Canberra District wines. If you are over 18 and can demonstrate this  (drivers licence) when you collect your order we can include a wine in your hamper. For all online delivered orders we require a letter from your mother. ....


Is this a Gift?

Why not add a unique Seed Gift card? We recommend the Echinacea one at this time. Pop your message in the notes and we will write to your recipient for you.


This snack pack is suitable to be sent interstate  

Deliveries dispatch for interstate destination the day after you place your order they should arrive (COVID19 dependent) within 3-5 days.

All orders will be delivered the following day for the Canberra Metropolitan area. Deliveries occur Monday to Friday.

Please be sure to order by Thursday if you wish to enjoy your pack on the weekend. You will then receive your pack by Friday

Individual items may be substituted according to seasonal availability.

All gift hampers are left for your recipient. We encourage you to please include details in the notes where a safe place to leave your gift item will be if your recipient may not be home. These instructions will be given to the freight company who will deliver your hamper to your recipient.


We have found a solution for WEEKEND DELIVERIES in Canberra!

We recommend Sherpa for any deliveries you wish to have over the weekend. This easy to use platform will allow you to place the delivery order and track the parcel to your recipient or to your home. Prices are reasonable given it is a weekend delivery (Inner South about $20, ACT Northern Boundary ($50). Collection from Urban Providore must be booked for between 12-1 Saturday and Sunday. Please indicate in the notes of your online order that you are organizing a pick up and for which day of the weekend you have booked for collection.

If you wish to use this service during the week please also advise in your notes.

The option to select "Pick Up" during the payment process of your online order will ensure you are not charged freight by Urban Providore.