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This box of healthy Artisan Treats will be dropped to your door the day after your order. Imagine the pleasure of your children opening their own box of treats for the week and you knowing they are all healthy options. 

Maybe you have a family Bed Sheet Tent picnic planned for later in the week? Maybe a sleep out in the garden? Maybe a serious marathon board game week ahead? or a table full of craft and scissors. This pack will help make any adventure even more special.


If you are holding a virtual birthday party for your Child over the next few weeks or months in Canberra. Let us deliver you a stack of CHILDRENs SNACK PACKS for each child and you can make a day of driving around to deliver the packs yourself in the car as an outing!

Just remember to deliver to your guests doorstep and wave through the windows only.


For your older children watching a movie, raiding the fridge every hour, playing video games, creating videos, connecting with their friends through facebook chat, these SNACK PACKS will be a god send. Filling the gap between meals.



See if your children can ration their pack of:

1. Fruit Straps Just Jerky; Glow Mix and Energy Blend

Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly with No added sugar.

2. Chickpea Snacks: Salt & Vinegar (Vegan) and Lime & Cracked Pepper

Gluten Free

3. Enigma Chocolate Freckles, Milk and White Chocolate

Made by hand here in Canberra by Enigma

4. 80g Knights PIggy Tails of pork crackling

Pork and Salt only (you may want to manage portion size for your little ones when eating these they can be a little too tasty). A cut up apple is a great complement and gets another fruit onboard your Child's immunity

Made by hand in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Gluten Free. Definitely not Vegan.

5. A Byron Bay Cookie - Triple Choc Fudge Cookie or White Choc chunks and Macadamia Nuts. (Let us know which you prefer in the notes)

Gluten Free

Just for Kids.

Recommended for children 5 years to 25! but of course we cant stop the big kids in your family enjoying this too.


This pack is Gluten Free except for the Chocolates. If you wish to have a full Gluten Free SNACK PACK just let us know in the notes. We will pop a surprise (GF) in your pack to replace the value of the Chocolate freckle box.

Individual items may be substituted according to seasonal availability.

Love the look of this pack but just want to swap out a few items and add some others in. No problem. Just pop your request in the notes if there is a discrepancy in the cost of the hamper we will reimburse you or send you another invoice for the difference. EASY!


Need some wine to bring more happiness?

Head over and add a Wine to your order

We stock Lake George Winery and Gundog Estate Winery, both magnificent and award winning Canberra District wines. If you are over 18 and can demonstrate this  (drivers licence) when you collect your order we can include a wine in your hamper. For all online delivered orders we require a letter from your mother.....

Is this a Gift?

Why not add a unique Seed Gift card? Pop your message in the notes and we will write to your recipient for you.

This Pack is suitable to be sent interstate

Deliveries dispatch for interstate destination the day after you place your order they should arrive (COVID19 dependent) within 3-5 days.


The option to select "Pick Up" during the payment process of your online order will ensure you are not charged freight by Urban Providore.