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This is all you need - to keep busy around your home while you help the world out!

Things to do that make life more interesting;

Start your edible garden or add to the one you have already, prance around in your stay at home atttire misting all your favourite indoor plant friends with the delicate water mister, while you fill the house with the smell of your slow cook curry, then get organised and set out your eating plan for the week and then relax with a nice scrub or foot balm made with edible ingredients. All the while enjoying the inner glow of knowing you are helping 6 unique Australian business.


A. Choose your seeds - this unique packet is perfect to write your message if this pack is being given as a gift.

1. Trio of Herbs.
2. Culinary Flowers
3. Watermelon
4. Leafy Greens
5. Chamomile
6. Echinacea - Yes! grow your own herbal cold remedy


    B. Enjoy the pleasure of this delicate glass mister in your hand. Squirting the leaves of your green indoor plants. Seeing the dust clear and the leaf flourish under the gentle mist.

    Choose one of either

    1. Red
    2. Clear 


    C. A Write to Me "My Organised Chaos" Meal Planner. 


    D. Choose one packet of the well loved Curry Traders easy Curry packs to make your favourite curry or perhaps one you have never made before. Be daring. All instructions are included on the pack.

    Choose from any one of the following :

    1. Butter Chicken - Mild
    2. Chicken Korma - Mild
    3. Rogan Josh - Mild
    4. Vegetable Korma - Mild
    5. Chicken Tikka Masala - Mildish
    6. South Ceylon Masala - Mild
    7. Bangladesh Prawn - Medium
    8. Sri Lankan Curry - Medium
    9. Lamb Madras - Medium
    10. Massaman - Medium
    11. Goan Fish - Medium
    12. Malaysian Rendang - Medium Hot
    13. Beef Vindaloo - Hot
    14. Bombay Masala - Hot


    E. A pamper indulgence for you. Choose from the following range by Olieve and Olie they use all edible ingredients in their product. So you know you are safe with olive oil, salt, sugar or coffee.

    1. Salt and Sugar Body Scrub with Peppermint, Spearmint, Rosemary, Tea Tree & Lemon 250g
    2. Latte Coffee Face scrub with coconut milk 200g
    3. Chai Coffee Face scrub with coconut milk 200g
    4. Soothing Foot Bar with Peppermint, Spearmint, Rosemary, Tea tree & Lemon 70g
    5. Clementine, Ylang Ylang & Nutmeg Body Oil Bar for thirsty dry skin 70g.
    6. Lime, Clary Sage & Lavendar Body Oil Bar for thirsty dry skin 70g


    F. Write to Me Recipes Journal. A beautiful Journal ready for yur to record and pass down your Cherished Family Recipes

    Choose between the two popular colors:
    1. Red
    2. Stone



    Just list the number against the letter in the notes section of your online order so we know what to select for your Things to do at home Pack.

    You know we have good if you don't want to choose we can do that for you!


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    Need some wine to bring more happiness?

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    We stock Lake George Winery and Gundog Estate Winery, both magnificent and award winning Canberra District wines. If you are over 18 and can demonstrate this  (drivers licence) when you collect your order we can include a wine in your hamper. For all online delivered orders we require a letter from your mother.....

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