Olsson's Well Seasoned Traveller 22.5g

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A tiny tin collection of completely natural, chemical and preservative-free salts, the Well Seasoned Traveller can be easily slipped into your pocket or carry-on to ensure you never have to experience poorly seasoned food again. The collection includes traditional sea salt flakes, mountain pepper blend, red gum smoked salt, lemon zest, grey salt and rosemary salt and really is the modern jetsetter’s new travel essential.

Already the salt of choice for Australia’s leading restaurants and Qantas’ business and first-class cabins, Olsson’s is the oldest family-owned salt company in Australia, producing salt since 1964 from the pristine sea waters of South Australia and Queensland. The Olsson family have utilised three simple ingredients – sea water, sunshine and wind – to create sea salt flakes that are soft, sweet and delicate with an exceptional sea salt taste. 

Before your next adventure, slip a tasty Traveller tin into your pocket and season well, wherever your journey may take you.