Fyshwick Friday Tapas Deal (Fyshwick Only)

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Only available Friday for all our Fyshwick friends  

Bamboo Fork & Knife included.

A. Your choice of any one of the following Butch 250g Salami or Mettwurst or Pepperoni (GF, DF)

Choose from any of the following amazing cured meats.

      1. Hungarian Csabai
      2. Plain Mettwurst
      3. Garlic Mettwurst
      4. Garlic & Red Wine Salami
      5. Pesto & Mint Salami
      6. Mild Pepperoni
      7. Hot Pepperoni
      8. Burner (the hottest pepperoni)
B. Your choice of any one of the following delicious Kalamata or Colossal Green olives from Roza's Gourmet :

C. Choose your favourite Tilba Cheeses portions from any of the following delicious creamy options:

          1. Vintage Blue 
          2. Firecracker 
          3. Chilli Paprika
          4. Premium Vintage
          5. Vintage Tasty
          6. Vintage Smoked
          7. Kalamata Olive and Garlic 
          8. Mystery Bay Kelp
          9. Ploughmans Cheddar
          10. Tomato, Basil & Garlic


    D. Your choice of Roza's Gourmet Vegan, Gluten and Dairy Free Crackers. Choose a packet to bring your feast together from the 4 choices of

          1. Love Crackers - Beetroot
            1. Green Crackers - Spinach and Sesame
              1. Naked Crackers - Chai & Linseed
                1. Fire Crackers - Chilli & Sea Salt

              This is a Perishable Item.

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