Fine Grey Salt, Marine Minerals from Olsson's 250g

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Salt has “character” (like wine, olive oil, etc) which when not overly processed, speaks about where it comes from, or provenance. If trace elements and marine minerals can be maintained in salt, you get a product that is unique to the region from which it comes. Olsson’s Marine Mineral Grey Salt has oceans of character.


·     Olsson’s Marine Mineral Grey Salt is the first celtic-style” salt (they call it sel gris in France) produced in Australia. This salt actually tastes like the ocean.

·      Contains high levels of natural marine minerals and trace elements like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, iodine, etc which give it a more complex ocean flavor.

·      These natural marine minerals and trace elements make Olsson’s Marine Mineral Grey Salttaste even saltier than standard salt and give it what has been described as the flavour of the sea.

·     Perfect for Paleo diets as it contains a natural bio-available balance of marine minerals and trace elements

·     Fine, dry texture makes it suitable for cooking, for pinch pots on the table and for bathing. 

·     Wonderful, healthy substitute for table salt.