Raspberry & Apple Jam 320g


A rich red jam, perfect for a breakfast pick me up.

Try it with pancakes or to increase the fun of a pork roast.


Nutrition Notes:

  • Raspberries are full of antioxidants, so good for you, you will find the raspberry seeds and the full fruit in this jam.
  • Raspberry Seeds are full of nutrients.
  • Anthocyanin in all raspberries is great for your skin and will reduce the oxidative stress in your body - which equates to anti aging!!!!!.
  • Naturally high in vitamin C, raspberries are so good for you when fighting winter colds.
  • The apple in this jam will contribute to your daily soluble fiber
  • Apple also contains polyphenol which is especially good for your skin
  • This is the Jam to make you glow.

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