1. The Christmas Nectar (Perfect for Two-Four) 2022

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    The Christmas Nectar

      Christmas is such a busy time, but we don't want you to miss out on some classic Christmas fare because you haven't had time to do a shop and it's nearly Christmas eve. So we have sourced some of the most carefully made and lovingly presented treats to make your Christmas memorable and we can drop them to you (if you live in the ACT) in time for the big day!

      Your Christmas 2022 Nectar includes:

          A. A Pud for All Seasons Cranberry & White Chocolate Pudding (400g)

          B. Josh&Sue Cranberry Sauce with a Splash of Muscat (300g)

          C. A hand made Rocky Road your choice of:
            1. Lime & Pecan Rocky Road (Green) (200g)
            2. Raspberry & Pistachio Rocky Road(Red) (200g)
            3. Strawberry & Peanut Rocky Road(Pink) (200g)
            4. Pineapple & Macadamia Rocky Road (Yellow) (200g)
            5. Orange & Almond Rocky Road (Orange) (200g)
              D. A Caramelized Balsamic from Myanbah Farm, your choice of:
                1. Cranberry & Orange Dressing (250ml)
                2. Fig & Honey Dressing (250ml)
                3. Smoked Plum & Chipotle Dressing (250ml)
                4. Pear & Vanilla Dressing (250ml)
                5. Caramalised Balsamic Dressing (250ml)
              E. A Christmas Ham Glaze (300g)
                F. A Yarra Valley Gourmet Jelly, your choice of:
                  1. Quince Jelly (150g)
                  2. Cranberry & Orange Jelly (150g)
                  3. Rosemary Jelly (150g)
                  4. Mint Jelly (150g)

                Individual items may be substituted according to seasonal availability. Items can be replaced with other items from our range at the same price.