The Urban Providore Tasting Panel

Announcing the 2017 Urban Providore Tasting Panel

The 2017-2018 Urban Providore Monthly Meeting Dates


Wednesday 14th June 2017


Thursday 13th July 2017


Thursday 24th August 2017


Thursday 21st September 2017


Thursday 19th October 2017


Thursday 16th November 2017


DECEMBER no Meeting


Thursday 25th January 2018


Thursday 22nd February 2018


Thursday 22nd March 2018


Thursday 19th April 2018


Thursday 17th May 2018


Calling on

The Tasting Panel...

We are very excited to announce we are commencing our inaugural Community Tasting Panel.

That's right... We are seeking nominations from the Canberra community to build a 10 strong member group who are prepared to pop on a cravat and bring their taste buds and vocabulary to bare on the wide variety of new artisan crafted produce that comes into Urban Providore Australia weekly.

Everyone is welcome to apply.

But wait there is more....we are very excited to announce in our Inaugural year we have invited The Food Marshall to co host the events with us.

Fran Marshall is The Food Marshall and she is
a staunch supporter of the Canberra wine industry, local providores and smallholders, Fran drinks local, eats local and loves local. Fran is a Canberra girl from the suburbs with extensive knowledge of the Food Scene in Canberra. She describes herself as a suburban mum, who has Champagne tastes on a beer budget, trying to eat and drink her way through the world one budget meal and good quality wine at a time. Teaching her children that the best of the worlds food and wine is literally on their doorstep.

We are very excited to be working alongside this well respected Canberra Food Marshall and learning more of the secrets of Canberra.

Interested? well here some more info to help you decide if this is something you would like to do in 2017......

We seek 10 members who can commit to attend at least 6 events for a year at our Urban Providore Australia Store in Fyshwick Canberra, from 6pm - 8pm. We will host 11 tastings a year (January to November, kicking off in June 2017) generally on a Thursday night.
  • The successful individuals will have an insatiable appetite for tasting new products.
  • The successful individual will demonstrate their extensive adjective vocabulary to describe flavors, textures and bouquets. There are no rules, you will be able to make up words - so long as you can offer a usable definition!
  • The successful individual must be willing to play nicely with other tasting panel members.
  • The successful individual must have an appreciation of, and willingness to, participate in the establishment of tasting score cards and rating sheets.
  • The successful individual must be willing to write up one article (a para or a page!) to introduce the food they have enjoyed at the tasting. They will be asked to write one article during their year of participation on the panel for our newsletter; The Providore.
  • The successful individual must be able to commit to attend 6 of the 11 events a year.
  • The successful individual must be able to commit to participate in a Facebook group for the year.
  • The successful individual must be willing to be photographed (sometimes eating) for marketing and advertising activities of Urban Providore.
In Return
  • The successful individual will get to see new Artisan Crafted products before other Urban Providore Australia customers.
  • The successful individual will get to meet and enjoy the company of other amazing members of the Tasting Panel for a whole year.
  • The successful individual will receive a full 20% off any purchases of artisan crafted goodness, made on the night at Urban Providore Australia
  • The successful individual will receive Free Samples on some artisan crafted products.
Our first tasting panel will convene in June 2017.

Your application to be on the panel should be sent to before the end of April....that gives you only 8 days, do it now! Just let us know why you will be the best choice! HINT: If you make us laugh you will be more likely to selected!

Offers will be sent out via email on 30th April 2017 and a final announcement of the successful panel members for 2017-2018 will be released in our May issue of The Providore.