Nick Brightman

Nick Brightman

Nick is a qualified chef, photographer, local food fan and food instablogger you can follow his feeding frenzy on Facebook at the CanberraFoodieChef or Instagram


He loves how it tastes, looks and the many myriad of forms it can take. Food is the one thing in his life that he doesn't mind splurging on. He believes great food experiences are ones that he remembers, whether it is out at a nice restaurant (Fat Duck, Vue De Monde, Sidart) to the many local eateries that are popping up all over Canberra and surrounds, or something he creates at home using fresh and interesting produce that he can transform into a dish that satisfies his wife and others that are eating it.

Nick recognizes just how much the food scene has changed over the past few years in Canberra, he sees how the scene is now really booming and people are much more savvy about what they eat. He has seen the changes occur and watched on as the increasing quality of food and range, creativity and flavors has broadened the experience for Canberran diners.

In his time as a chef, Nick worked in many cafes and restaurants, golf clubs and public service cafes to fine dining worthy of chef hats.

Nick has always loved tasting and using local and Australian artisanal products. He can always seem to fit in another morsel or two of something new and exciting that he has never seen or tasted before.

Nick recognizes, that Urban Providore opening in Fyshwick has been one of the best things to happen to Canberra; a place where he can try and buy new and exciting products made in Canberra and around Australia. Whether it’s a beautifully dry-cured bacon from Pialligo, slightly smokey, salty and sweet, pure heaven when cooked or the amazing melt in the mouth, flavor explosion that is the Turkish Delight Fudge from the wizard at Fudgemental.

Nick is passionate about being part of the Urban Providore Australia Tasting Panel and getting to spend more time with fellow Foodies that are as excited by food as he is. He hopes his involvement will help to broaden the taste buds of fellow Canberrans.

Nick has been a member of the 2017 2018 Tasting Panel and is stepping up to take the reins as Co Host of the 2018 2019 Urban Providore Australia Tasting Panel.