Kirsty Young

Kirsty YoungKirsty is a born and bred Canberran who loves all things ‘foodie’ and is always keen to explore new products. She is always curious about the back stories behind food origins and the thoughts behind certain creations. She loves 'gabbing' with farmers and producers to understand their passion and the lengths that they go to in wanting to make food that is ethical, creative and is a success in the minds of consumers.                                                         

Kirsty is looking forward to working with like minded foodies and indulging in Australian made quality local products during her time on the 2017 Tasting Panel. She is interested in the sense of ‘taste’ and is amazed how people can experience the sense differently.

Kirsty is also an avid photographer, always eager to snap the best side of a dish, the crusty angular point of a homemade Danish pastry, or the delightful burnish on the side of a beautiful steak. Check her instagram photos! She is also a Canberra food blogger writing about her tasting and cooking adventures. She sees herself as a story teller, wanting to ‘have a go’ and share her experience with others. Her cookbook collection is vast, and the food section is always the first she heads for the at the Lifeline Bookfair.  

Kirsty is also active on Facebook and Twitter. Follow her adventures in food, local produce, baking, cooking from scratch and food photography!