Fran Tapia

Fran Tapia Profile

Fran is a master of vocabulary, tastebuds and an overall flavour adventure seeker.

Fran is a passionate Canberran who runs sofranksocial, she has been involved in Visit Canberra in 2014, as part of the food group of the #humanbrochure campaign. 

Fran is not just passionate about food, but the story behind the produce in our region.  She loves engaging with local producers and hearing the stories behind their products.  More often than not, she likes to know and write about what catapulted someone to create, grow, make, bake, produce and/or nurture their product.

You can follow Fran on her personal Twitter and Instagram accounts or catch up with the adventures of the So Frank Social team on their Blog, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Fran writes and captures stories about Canberra Events, Food and Wine, Travel and Lifestyle.