Urban Providore Australia as your Wholesale Distributor

Who is Urban Providore Australia?

Urban Providore Australia sources unique Australian Artisan crafted products ready for eastern state distribution, and distributes these products with not only a professional distribution network but a high touch boutique sales consulting structure that addresses the needs of busy eastern states retail customers.

Urban Providore Australia is a merchant. That is we purchase product from our suppliers. We are not an agent for our suppliers. We purchase and on-sell product. We therefore handle all invoicing and sales with the customers. Including returns for faulty goods or product failures.

We work with a number of artisan crafted products made in Australia and this range assists our retail and food service customers to find the product they need as well as view other products they may not have expected to want.

Our customers value that we work with multiple, synergistic suppliers. In one transaction our retail customer can leverage their time and more efficiently procure goods from multiple suppliers by working with Urban Providore Australia.

We supply leading Gourmet Deli's, Cellars and Wineries, Greengrocers, Butchers, Health Food Stores, Specialty Foodie shops, selected Gourmet Supermarkets, Cafes, Restaurants, Catering companies, Tourism and Holiday destinations, Florists, Gift shops, Impulse Shops and Gift Hamper companies.

Urban Providore Australia is VAD PLUS (value add distributor)

As a distributor we are the middlemen. Like all middlemen, we only exist when we add value. Not only to our retail customers but also to our suppliers. As much as the retailers would like supplier's direct pricing and the supplier would like to hang on to the middleman's mark up, distributors that add value exist and are thriving because their link in the supply chain addresses a real need of both parties. Distributors play a vital role in the food and retail industry in Australia.

We have outlined below how we offer programs and services that add value to your products and increase their value to our wholesale customers; retailers and food service, from warehousing to pick pack & dispatch, sales & post sales. However there are 6 specific extra "value add's" that Urban Providore Australia provides to the value chain we want you to considering:

1. In Store Tasting

We offer our retailers in store tasting demonstrations throughout the year. We provide 2 hour tastings 3 x a year to all our retailers at their request.

2. In Store Merchandising

We assist our retailers to merchandise your products on their shelves, giving merchandise advice tailored to the retailers fit out as well as providing merchandise stands and equipment.

3. In Store Promotions

We offer promotion and cross promotion campaigns as well as providing financial assistance to the retailer to deliver these promotions.

4. Showroom: Ranging, VM & Tasting

At Urban Providore Australia we also provide an extra service for retail and food service customers who can access the Fyshwick Showroom in Canberra ACT, Australia. Here a full range of your products are on display, the customer is able to view visual merchandising (VM) ideas for your product, as well as sample and taste your product.

5. Open 24/7 with many sales channels

Urban Providore Australia is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are open online 24/7 for wholesale purchases with up to 5% discount and free freight incentives for our retail customers to order online, as well as benefit from the convenience of shopping carts that remind the customer what they ordered last time and allows them to leave the shopping cart and return to it at a later date (invaluable for a retailer juggling their own customers and ordering). Retail customers can also purchase your product from us via phone; we receive orders late on Sunday nights and txt's all through the wee hours, or via email and of course through our delivery team and our reps on the road. As you can see all roads lead to sales at Urban Providore Australia, we make sure we have every way possible for our retail customers to place their orders.  

6. Customer Incentives to Buy

We also have some incentives to assist our retail customers to make that purchase decision

- Free Delivery

We offer our retail customers free delivery for all orders over $350 and discounts on regular orders of products in certain quantity.

- Discounts and Samples

We offer retailers discounts for increasing quantity of purchase and provide them free samples of your product.

- 30 day trial

In the first 90 days as a new retail customer with Urban Providore Australia we offer all our retail customers free delivery and the opportunity to return stock within 30 days if it is not performing as expected. These new retail customer advantages increase the number of customers who want to work with Urban Providore Australia and increase the likelihood your product will have a chance on the shelves or in the kitchens of the best retailers and restaurants.

- Trade Credit

We offer 30 day trading terms with our retail customers to assist them to manage their cashflow and their stock levels. These short-term financing options enable our retail customers to manage their cashflow and assists our suppliers to minimize bad debt exposure. Urban Providore Australia invariably pays you the supplier faster than our customers pay us. It is not unusual for the gap in time between these two events to exceed 100%.


The following are standard roles for a distributor in the food industry in Australia and we have them all covered. We have set out below exactly how Urban Providore Australia delivers these roles and how we add value to your products and increase your products value to our wholesale customers.


We have warehouses in metropolitan Canberra and Sydney. So your product is stored on the East Coast of Australia. Your product is available to our retail customers from a local inventory, this means the retail customer does not have to store inventory in their retail locations, making them much more likely to choose your product.

Urban Providore Australia understands and aggregates our broad retail customer needs to translate this into an inventory stocking position. We maintain a pipeline of inventory to support our retail customers, and we hold enough extra to both cover unexpected spikes in demand and attract new retail customers.

As a supplier you benefit from larger more regular orders from Urban Providore Australia than you would be able to establish working directly with many smaller customers. As Urban Providore Australia learns more about your own production cycles and optimum production styles orders are tailored to work to your preferred pace.


Of course Urban Providore Australia has the basics covered. We have a meticulous warehouse staff that manages your products in our warehouse. Ensuring the products are ordered, sorted and shelved to maintain freshness and presentation.

We pack your products with the greatest of care. Dawn is known to request a repack if one salami is facing the wrong way in a box or the box has insufficient packing material to protect the product.

Dispatch is handled with care by Urban Providore Australia' small professional Delivery Team in Canberra and NSW, metropolitan and regional. The Delivery Team take care with the gorgeous artisan crafted foods to ensure they arrive ready for presentation on our retail customers shelves. We also work with small local trusted delivery companies in the NSW Snowy Mountains and NSW South Coast. 

For all other dispatch Urban Providore Australia is proud to rely on Australia post. They have never let us down.


Urban Providore Australia essentially act as an extension of your current sales function. We are your selling agent and our retail customers see us as their buying agents. We have solid sales representation and management, as well as tight sales systems that support not a single opportunity slipping through our net.

Our business depends on finding leads, converting these leads to prospects and developing these prospects into regular retail customers of your products. We do not miss phone calls, we don't forget to deliver items, we don't forget to follow up on a question a retailer has. Our business is service.

We are an independent distributor. We are owned independent to the products we distribute. Our freedom to act independent of any one product means we do not sell one product in our stable in preference to any others. While we seek to represent your product for at least 24 months, and enjoy representing products for much longer, we are able to freely reshuffle the brands and products we represent. 

Our sales network and service resources allow our suppliers to engage with more retail customers in more locations and of a greater range in size than they could accomplish with their own sales team.


Urban Providore Australia is Social Media savvy. We have a growing presence on Facebook, where we post lifestyle pieces and run Australian based competitions, our Twitter presence seeks a much broader international audience than our localised Facebook following, our Instagram presence brings visual life to our products and has a growing international following from mum & dad foodies to restaurateurs, luxury travel companies and chefs, as finally our Pinterest boards that drive the most significant traffic to our online sales platforms.


Our business relies not on one sale of your product, but on regular monthly and weekly sales of your product. Post Sales Support is fundamental in our business. Our retail customers are your customers and together we serve them. We have worked with our retail customers over many months and years, we have understood their needs, we have assisted them when things were getting faster and stronger in their business and when times were tough. We have become a member of their business and they consider us a key supplier. When you engage Urban Providore Australia to distribute your product you and your product gains access to our customer base and our history with these customers.


A distributor is a key player in the value chain from primary producer, through manufacturer or supplier to retailer and finally the consumer. Urban Providore Australia has connections and experience at each point in the value chain and is able to bring this knowledge and experience to bare when working with you and your product to reach your customer. Our retail and food service customers know our value and seek our counsel on a wide variety of issues, from selecting the best produce for certain holidays to offering suggestions for product promotion and sourcing unique suppliers for produce.

As a supplier to Urban Providore Australia you have the opportunity to access the knowledge of retail customers and consumer trends that Urban Providore Australia has built up and draw on this experience to assist you to produce new products or tailor current ones that are not readily available in the marketplace.

Together, we, your distributors and you, the supplier, develop customer-focused goals that are mutually beneficial and realistic under the conditions within the industry.


What are you waiting for?

As a priority brand Urban Providore Australia will deploy our hungry sales team and our meticulous pick pack and dispatch warehouse team to ensure your brand and products are represented professionally and successfully.