Artisan Australian Producer

We represent only artisan crafted Australian produce.

We only represent 15 brands at any one time and we are relentless in promoting your brand.

We have relationships across the Australian East Coast including Gourmet Deli's, Cellars and Wineries, Greengrocers, Butchers, Health Food Stores, Specialty Foodie shops, selected Gourmet Supermarkets, Cafes, Restaurants, Catering companies, Tourism and Holiday destinations, Florists, Gift shops, Impulse Shops and Gift Hamper companies.

Do not become “just another listing” or one of 200 or more brands with a distributor, call us now and we will convince you that a more personal service will benefit your brand, company and long term future.

Find out what we offer as a distributor of your product & brand and consider how you would like to do business with us.

If you are an Australian regional producer of an artisan crafted gourmet food product, and you are ready to grow your business throughout Australia and Australasia please get in touch with us at or call Dawn, our Business Development director, on 0414 729 370 or download our information pages.

We look for new artisan crafted brands in January and July each year. If you contact us during these months you are guaranteed of getting a meeting and having your product considered.