Gourmet Packs

At Urban Providore, we specialise in Food Experiences.

Each of our Gourmet Packs are full of the joy of FOOD!

We want to bring joy to your food Experience, help you explore new taste sensations, experience local and artisan small batch made products and enjoy new ways to bring food to your loved ones.

In the past we have been mistaken for being a hamper company or a gift shop!

We are not a hamper company..... we don't just put Artisan Food into a Basket!

We are a Providore!

We make carefully selected Food Experiences that sometimes are contained in a basket, but often in a colander, or a fantastic wood chopping board or even a decadent picnic basket.

Each pack has a story, a theme, a food experience that brings meaning to the pack, from Charcuterie boards to Blue Cheese boxes and BBQ packs.

We make our packs with creativity and lots of Love of Food! You can of course gift our Love of Food to those you Love - but we are more than a gift shop!

We are a Providore!

If you can eat it or it shows off clever food, we are into it. You will never find us making a hamper with nappies or perfume.....but the foodies in your life will forever be grateful you chose to gift them a gourmet pack from Urban Providore.

Take a look at our current range of crafted Gourmet Treats from Australian artisan producers below, all combined to make your perfect functional Gourmet Pack.