Crabtree Smoked

Crabtree Salts

Unique flavours include: Oak Smoked, Chilli, Activated Charcoal* and Plain (white).

  • Large crystal flakes
  • Intriguing crisp texture
  • Great as a garnish
  • Fascination for the diner
  • Flavour intensity means less is needed
  • Harvested from pristine ancient riverbeds
  • No Additives & Free of Contaminants
  • Achieved National & International acclaim
  • Retained Magnesium & Calcium essential for good health*
  • Produced in Australia
  • Environmentally friendly production methods
  • Helping rehabilitate the salinity affected land in the Murray-Darling Basin in Australia
Looks & Tastes So Pure – Because it is!!

The Murray-Darling area of Australia is renound for its exceptional salts and the Crabtree brand is the cream of the crop.

The texture, pure colour and bitter free flavour of Crabtree salt makes it unique.