Salami Bouquets

The Infamous "Salami Bouquet"

Designed and first sold in 2017 this unique concept has gone on to be a favourite foodie's treat. It goes mad on Valentines Day to celebrate Love and hundreds head out to honor the role of every meat loving dad on Father Day! We even find pink ones heading out the door for Mother's Day and red & gold ones boxed up under the tree for Christmas.


You get to design your Bouquet;

You can choose your own colours - many people ask for 'football' team colors, or flags of Italy, Ireland or France......we do them all!

You also get to choose your own salami, mettwurst and pepperoni to make up the four stems of your Bouquet!  These salami, mettwurst and pepperoni are individually wrapped in plastic so they serve perfectly to create a Flower Stem and last for up to 3 months (without needing to be refrigerated).

In the past we have been asked to add more product to a bouquet, some customers have requested we put in a hot sauce or incorporate some sticks of chocolate, just ask us and we can see what is possible......