RAD Wholefoods

It’s time to say no to the secret sugar load that’s hiding in most supermarket muesli, and start your day the RAD way with our all-natural muesli blend that tastes great and is good for you too.

Canberra-based nutritionist Dave Noble was just as shocked as you to discover that some supermarket muesli brands may contain twice the amount of fat that’s in a typical fast food hamburger*.

That’s one of the reasons he started Protia Wholefood as a struggling Food Science and Nutrition student in Brisbane, before his move to the Nations Capital.

Health-conscious foodies from the Brisbane River to Lake Burley Griffin choose RAD Muesli for its great tasting blend of Australian-sourced nuts, rolled barley, dried fruit, seeds, psyllium husks, LSA and a touch of honey.

And the best part is that RAD Muesli is not toasted in order to avoid the extra sugars created during the toasting process. We use rolled barely to achieve a natural crunch instead, with no added oils, sugar syrups or fruit juice concentrates.

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