Chilli Strings - Commercial or Domestic use - all ready to eat

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Single String: (on non rusting coated wire or bacteria free cotton) 20 Red Chillies

Double String: 50 Red Chillies or 2 x 25 Red Chillies (default)

Amazing Bunches of Pleasure: 3 x 50 Chillies


Drop us an email for any size your hot heart desires.

We can do lengths and bunches to suit your kitchen or Commercial space.

The more you order the better the price we can give you.....

Note: 50 per string is the longest possible with this red chilli variety when fresh.


Long Green and Red Chillies

(These are the ones we use unless you ask for us to price another chilli)

Are less hot and good in sandwiches, pickled or used raw or cooked in curries and stir fries.

Bullet Chillies

Are fairly hot, small, chillies that are red when ripe. They are used in Asian cuisine.

(Price for your strings may vary depending on availability of Bullet Chillies)

Bullet Chillis


Are hot, small, dark green chillies used in Mexican cuisine.

(Price for your strings will vary depending on availability of Jalapenos)

Jalapeno Chilli Jalapeno

Cayenne chillies

Are very hot, long, narrow, red chillies which are dried and made into cayenne pepper.


Are extremely hot, orange or red pods found in many commercial hot sauces.

(Price for your strings will vary depending on availability of Habaneros)




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