Just Jerky

Just Jerky makes Australia’s Finest Quality Beef Jerky.

We started Just Jerky to change the game, forever. It has become our team’s passionate pursuit to craft a beef jerky range that fulfills the true meaning of a quality whole food snack.

Simple is not so simple.

Yes our mission is simple. But getting there has been one heck of an adventure. Everything, at every step is considered – no stone has been left unturned.

Our dedicated team has purpose built a supply chain, vetting every step of our craft to ensure Just Jerky operates sustainable and ethical business practices.

This includes ensuring our beef is farmed ethically, our cooking and ingredients are all natural, even our packaging and logistics are a seamless operation, and finally that our retailers are aligned with our vision to support in offering quality, local & healthy foods.

What does this all mean? Well, this is where it gets exciting. Our customers, like you, expect more from food. Our quality approach is really about exceeding all expectations, giving those who care about quality food and quality businesses a better choice.

Mission Control

If it’s broke, fix it. That’s how we turn our mission into a reality.

For us there was a need to control the entire manufacturing process – giving customers the best paddock to pack beef jerky, and retailers the confidence of our manufacturing capabilities.

The creation of our one-of-a-kind ethical supply chain, ensures the finest quality beef jerky is packed into every pack.

More than just, jerky.

Sure, you hear us talk a lot about quality, about the end-to-end processes and about controlling every step. All of this, however, is about our adventure to create more than just jerky.

We see the future of our business as an open dialogue with like-minded people, who believe in bold ideas and better business, and a platform for where we can work together to bring customers higher quality products.

Our beef jerky story.

We’ve always been curious explorers. Blessed by many trips around the world in search of waves, snow covered slopes, beautiful views and the most untouched and remote locations our legs can carry us. Just Jerky sprang to mind on one of our snowy adventures. Riders on the mountains were eating beef jerky as sources of energy to keep themselves fuelled for longer. We soon realised Australia didn’t have access to quality beef jerky. It has been our mission ever since to make Australia’s finest beef jerky, ensuring explorers of all kinds can adventure for longer, just like we did.

Some adventures are big and scary, while others are part of our daily routine. Whatever the case, Just Jerky is designed to fuel your #dailyadventure.

What makes Just Jerky the best beef jerky?

Just Jerky has become the standard for healthy jerky in Australia. Sustainably sourced, grass fed beef offers customers with a nutritious wholefood alternative to traditional Jerky products – some of which are often filled with preservatives and artificial flavours.

Just Jerky is not only ethically produced, but delivers the highest quality naturally occurring nutrition in beef such as iron, zinc and B vitamins.

And, of course, the taste and flavour is delicious.

We’ve truly redefined the typical beef jerky snack. Ensuring you’re getting exactly want you want from a food you can trust.