Endeavour Tea

Endeavour is an independent tea company preparing and hand packing locally in Canberra, Australia.

Their loose leaf blends are prepared and packaged by hand using unique in-house recipes after a detailed tasting and cupping process.

The Endeavour team carefully curate a range that they would be happy to use and drink daily.

Their passion is to promote the adoption of a fine tea culture in Australia.

Over time, they aspire to include more specialty tea from around the world in their range, as well as spread appreciation and knowledge of tea in all its forms.

"Tea has a fascinating and complex history; it has survived thousands of years with a humble origin, finding its way to our tables through meticulous picking, sourcing, processing, and shaping for our enjoyment — this is the story we endeavour to share with you through our brand." Matthew Petrucci, Certified Tea Master & Jasmin Wong, Co Founder.