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2. The Big Christmas Nectar (Perfect for Four) 2018

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The Big Christmas Nectar

Do you want some treats at Christmas that you can't find in the supermarkets? Special items that make the day unique and traditional. We have sourced some of the finest Australian hand made cornerstones that make a traditional Christmas memorable.

The Pud, The Sauce, The Cranberry, The Cake, The Nougat, The Tarts, The Shortbread - your 2018 Christmas Crate.

The 2018 Big Christmas Nectar includes:

      • A Pud for All Seasons Cranberry & White Chocolate Pudding 400g or 3 x 100g Puds
        • Choose between (let us know in the notes if you need GF)
          • Cranberry & White Chocolate Pudding 100g
          • Date & Butterscotch Pudding 100g
          • Traditional Plum Pudding 100g
          • Double Choc & Orange with Contreau 100g
      • Asterisk's Kitchen Christmas Mince Tarts (GF)
      • Asterisk's Kitchen Shortbreads (GF)
      • Asterisk Kitchen Christmas Cake 450g
      • Pud for All Seasons Dessert Sauce in Brandied Butterscotch 150ml
      • Josh&Sue Cranberry Sauce with a Splash of Muscat 300g
      • Limar Cherry Cranberry Pistachio Nougat 300g
      • Jasper & Myrtle Spiced Rum Dark Chocolate 70g or Brandy & Orange in 75% Dark Chocolate 70g.
      • Sweet Pea & Poppy Fruity Mendiant Bauble 65g

Individual items may be substituted according to seasonal availability. Items can be replaced with other items from our range at the same price. For example we have 4 types of Christmas Pudding available, 4 types of Dessert Sauce and 8 Chutneys to choose.